Blight Resistant Potatoes

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Blight Resistant Potatoes

What are peoples' experiences of growing Sarpo potatoes this year?

We have grown Sarpo Mira for a number of years now and it has always shown the blight resistance claimed of it...until this year. Ours succumbed to late blight only shortly after out totally unresistant Arran Victories.

I'm wondering if its a new strain that has developed, and started to render Sarpo Mira less resistant - as happened with Lady Balfour before it. Any other thoughts on latest blight resistance/ proneness welcome


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Blight resistance

what exactly is the organic status of genetically modified blight resistant potatoes ? I have grown Caralus this year ( we are not registered organic ) and they are certainly blight resistant and are storing very well and they are pretty good allrounders, although my customers seem to  prefer older varieties, like Desiree and Charlotte. 

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Blight resistant potatoes

David Shaw will give an update on the state of the blight pathogen and resistance at the field lab meeting on Dec 4th

Do come along and find out more on alternatives and join with growers to find solutions - it could be varieties or cultural techniques.

GM not compatible with organic and no commercial varieties available or permitted at the moment. In any case we need diversity in our potatoes not single genetic technical fixes.

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Just to clarify Carolus is

Just to clarify Carolus is available as organic seed potatoes.

They proved very blight resistant for us this year, I finally dug them up in late october and they were still growing months after other varieties had succumbed.  They out-yielded Romano by 2:1, and produced a huge number of baking size.


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Our Sarpo Mira crop succumbed

Our Sarpo Mira crop succumbed to the blight approx 3weeks later than Cara did in 2017 (mid august compared with late July). However it's the flavour/texture issue why we're not going to be growing them in 2018 - I'm giving Setanta a go instead. In future would like to try some of the other Sarpos especially Axona.


Laurence Hasson
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Carolus/blight resistance.

I would recomend Alouette as an alternative to Carolus for taste. It is just as blight resistant with attractive red skin and pale flesh. It is less floury than Carolus and eats as well as Charlotte or Desiree.


Try Bioselect UK (bulk amounts) or Tamar organic (smaller amounts) for seed supplies.

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