Curtis Stone workshop ?

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Curtis Stone workshop ?

Not sure what traction this will get, its just an idea.

I watch Curtis Stone, Jean-Martin Fortier etc avidly and learn new skills and reinforce old ones. Curtis runs workshops across the US, Canada, New Zealand and one in Sweden next July. these are often 4 day events on a suitable farm with lively discussion and practicals, he often also tags on a 1 day classroom work shop.

I would love to meet him, attend and form new contacts. Being in the Isle of Man it adds another hurdle - time and ££ to attending OGA and other events in the UK, and whilst I have considered his US events they would often mean missing too much time in an already hectic season.

I was wondering though whether 'we /OGA' could facilitate an event in the UK ?

It might also be useful PR and bring in varios media that could help spread the word as well as being beneficial to old and new farmers ?

Just an idea. If it did get support I feel it would unlikely fit into his plans until 2019.



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Interesting idea, I will put it to the OGA committee next week... would others be interested in attending?


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In contact with JM Fortier



I am currently in contact with Jean Martin Fortier about the possibility of coming to the UK either at the end of 2018 or early 2019 - maybe we could combine the two? He is really keen, but we are just trying to work out the best way of doing it - whether it would be in the form of a conference or on a farm or what?! It would be great to have ideas if people are willing to get involved. He emailed last week with a few questions:

—What dates or period is the best time to reach the most young farmers? What period are they most available and open to attend to such an event? (I know we had talked early January but perhaps it’s better sometime else?)


—Which city do you think is the best place to host an event that will be well located to ensure maximum attendance? Oxford? Suburbs? Is there a nice venue with approx. 200 seats that could host our event in that city? 


—Do you think that a full-day event with a “formative” conference in the AM and a Networking/Roundtable/Skill Sharing in the PM would be an interesting format? Is that something you would feel good and able organizing?


—Do you think that many young farmers would be able and/or willing to pay for a ticket to attend this formula of event? If so, what is a reasonable price for such a specialized event in the UK?


Would be good if a few people were up for forming a bit of a group to potentially organise some sort of horticultural conference/skill share thing including growers from abroad such as Curtis Stone and JM Fortier. I am keen to organise something, but feel that it might be beyond my capacity to do it on my own! 


In the meantime, I am keen on doing something a little more toned down - a growers skillshare (probably at Trill). The idea would be to have workshops running through the day with various themes such as propagating, cultivating, composting, crop planning etc. There would be a facilitator for each ssession but it would very much be a discussion rather than a workshop led by one person. Thoughts on this, and perhaps if anyone is up for helping to organise that would be great.






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