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N Johnson
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Cosytex Enviromesh

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has used this product from dejex horticultural suppliers before? The price looks pretty good for a product they claim will last up to 8-10 seasons and although having spoken to David at dejex about using it for carrot fly- he said that it's not recommended, the mesh size does actually fall within the what wondermesh say will do for carrot fly on their website. Any thoughts? Cheers

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We use some Cosytex. It's

We use some Cosytex. It's definitely strong but the main advantage i've noticed is that it appears to be more insulating than enviromesh - i look at it as being sort of halfway between fleece and mesh. The farm where i work already had quite a lot when i arrived there 2 years ago, so not sure how long they've had it for but it's in excellent condition. I remember it being significantly more expensive than regular mesh? If you can afford it i would certainly recommend it.

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