Writing A Business Plan and Looking For Land

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Writing A Business Plan and Looking For Land

Hi all,

Myself and my partner are currently full time growers with a number of years experience working on a range of organic farms, but are at the point where we wish to start our own project on rented / purchased land. 

I was wondering if anyone had any useful links or resources they could suggest for helping me write a market garden specific business plan? I've found some bits and pieces online, but was hoping for something involving templates as it would be very helpful to visulise what level of detail I need to go into and just to get a basic feel for the look and extent of the document. I have no experience in this sort of thing so any tips or advice would be most welcome. 

I would also like to enquire if anyone has or knows of anyone looking to lease a parcel of land. We're looking for no more than 2 acres, with ideas to begin a 1/2 acre market garden and cut flower garden and develop a small CSA scheme and produce to supply to local markets and businesses.

It would be great to discuss anything with anyone relating to the above, and thanks in advance for your time and consideration.



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Business plan

Hi Josh,

I can try & dig out my old one if any use, I had to do one to present to the Prince's Trust in order to apply for their agricultural-specific grant fund, the Kanabus Fund trust... if you're under 31 I think it is, you can apply for £2,500 grant plus an interest free loan too... you can email [email protected] & I'll see if I can find the plan

Are you going to the ORC Congress in November? There are a few sessions specifically for new entrants that would be useful for you



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