Practical Self Sufficiency / Home Farm magazines

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Practical Self Sufficiency / Home Farm magazines

 I have a COMPLETE set of every issue from the first Practical Self Sufficiency in November / December 1975, changing to Home Farm in February 1983, then to Country Garden in April 1994, Country Garden and Smallholding in April 1995 and then to Country Smallholding in April 1999 until the June 2000 issue.

I have not read any of these for many years but it seems a shame to just throw them away or send to recycling if anyone else would like them.

Also a few copies of The Organic Way, Appropriate Technology and Bee Improvement.

Free to collect from us here in Lapford, near Crediton, Devon.  Or could send if you are prepared to pay the carriage costs - they are heavy!

Dave Taylor, 07792 592068 or [email protected] for more info

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