Sicma spader model V1003 120 for sale

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Sicma spader model V1003 120 for sale

For sale: Sicma spader ('vangatrici') model V1003 120 - £1800

We moved shortly after buying it and it's not suited to the soil on our new site (light and stony), also it's really a bit heavy for our compact tractor. Hence pretty much in 'as new' condition - we estimate it's had less than 3 hours use. You're welcome to come and look at it, plus I can send more photos as needed.

20-35 hp tractor will run it, but not really suited to anything smaller than a MF35 because of the weight.

Ideally for collection from Newport, Pembrokeshire SA42 (it weighs 344 kg), but if needed we could potentially put it on a pallet and buyer could arrange transport (Frenni transport locally will take single pallet deliveries)

(I've just checked with Sicma, and it now costs €3000 new plus shipping from Italy.)

You can see all technical details here:

Contact Kate at Real Seeds for more info. [email protected]