Welcome to the new OGA discussion forum. We will enter introductory information here that you may find useful when using the forum such as How To's and general usage guidance. Please read through the information. Thank you.

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How to log on and use your account - subscribed members.



You will know when it is possible to log on when you receive an email containing 2 important details


1) Username

2) Password



Once you have these, open www.organicgrowersalliance.co.uk in another tab or window and select <Member Login> on the left hand side. This will enable you to switch between your account and this forum post easily.

Enter your username and password in the allocated fields, exactly as they are written in the email observing capitals and numbers where relevant.


This should open your account home page and you will see a small menu under your username in the left sidebar. This lists My Account, Create content and Log out. (This is not as baffling as it looks, please stick with it!)


Lets deal with each of these in some more detail.


My Account:

This is where you are at the moment, click here to return to your account from anywhere on the site. There are six tabs along the top of the page as follows.


1) View - This is your viewable information or ‘Profile’; if other members click on your username they will see this. It will show your name, how long you have been a member and a link to your blog page as well as a contact form, picture, your address and website if you wish it to.


2) Edit - Use this page to edit your details. The information entered here cannot be viewed by anyone else (unless they have your password or are site administrators). The information relates directly to the membership database so you can update contact details. The address you provide is where your copy of the magazine will be sent.

The page is in two parts.

a) Personal information: This is self-explanatory and you need to click on the ‘save’ button at the bottom to make any change permanent. You will be able to tick a checkbox if you prefer not to disclose your address on your profile.

b) Account : A little more complicated, this part lets you control the way you interact with the site. Please ensure your email address is currant and you enter a new password of your choice when you first set up your account. You can change your password by simply entering and re-entering a new one.  The password is case sensitive.

If you wish to upload a picture click ‘choose file’ and you will be able to select a file from your computer that will be displayed with your username. The file size must be under 100Kb (save the picture as a lower quality image to reduce the Kb), however it will be automatically resized to fit.

Comment follow-up notification, contact settings and locale settings are well explained on the page.

Remember to click the save button once you have made your changes.


3) Files - Any files purchased from the site, i.e. Magazines, can be accessed from here. It also provides a record of these files for reference.


4) Orders - This details items you have ordered and includes membership and magazine payments.


5) Paypal history - Similar to ‘orders’ but provides payment details (also available on your paypal account)


6) Track – A useful function that lists your posts (any site changes you have made, i.e. forum and blog entries). You can follow what other members have been up to including recent changes and updates made by site admin.


7) Contact – Although you will not see this tab on your own account, others may see it if they view your profile. It enables members to contact each other via email without revealing the email address.


Create content:

Click on this to start a new forum thread, or leave a blog entry. Both of these facilities make use of the WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get).

When you click on ‘Blog entry’ you are presented with a page similar in layout to a document program such as MS Word. You can use this to create content, preview your work then save it to load it onto the site. The blog can be used as a kind of diary to let others know what you have been up to, your musings and ramblings.

The Forum can be used for specific questions and information that might be of interest to other members. When you create a forum topic you are starting another ‘thread’. The editor is the same as for blog creation and content has to be saved to remain on the site. If you wish to comment on someone else’s forum topic you should do this via the forum rather than your account. Click ‘reply’ on the post you wish to reply to and the editor will come up under that post. Say your bit, preview to check it then save.

One thing worth bearing in mind – when you enter content you are working on a remote server. This means that if you close the window, look at a different page or lose your connection before you have saved, you will lose the content. This can be very frustrating if you are leaving a long, well thought out and highly interesting comment. For this type of entry you may wish to open a document on your computer, write your query, scoop, analysis or counsel, then copy and paste it into the editor. However, please write/save your piece as plain or rich text format (txt/ptf/rtf) as it will translate much more favorably to the website than ‘Word’ or similar files.

As a member you can also comment on OGA news and events. The editor is the same, just click on ‘Add new comment’ and write the words!


Log out:

Clicking on this will close your account and you will have to re-enter your username and password to get back in again.


If you encounter any problems you feel are likely to be due to the website rather than your own connection / computer, please contact the website coordinator (see Contact Us). If you are struggling to get to grips with the binery bollocks and feel like throwing your pc/mac off the roof, see if you can find a small child to help…. Or contact the website coordinator who will try to help once all the picking, packing, planting, weeding and beating of slaves is finished for the day!! 

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Leaving forum posts - update

<p>In the little box titled 'Forums' which will display the words '-please choose-', please click on the arrows and select 'OGA'.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>If this is not selected your post will not appear in the forum, it will still be on the site and you will find it in your 'track' area so you can edit it and make the change. Otherwise admin can move it for you.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Ashley Wheeler ...
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<p>&nbsp;Hello,</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as new members to the OGA. We have just taken on some land in east devon on a mixed organic farm and are starting up an vegetable growing business. Having been brought up on an organic smallholding in Sussex (Willow Nursery), I went on to study Horticulture and veered off into ornamental gardening, but was inevitably drawn back to growing - after my dad's advice: it is extremely hard work for very little money.&nbsp;</p><p>If anyone has any nuggets of wisdom to help a young couple start a vegetable growing business please let us know. And if anyone would like to visit the farm it is www.trillfarm.co.uk. We have been lucky enough to be starting with much of the infrastructure in place, including a large twin span tunnel and deer/rabbit fencing surrounding the land, which is roughly 2.5 acres.&nbsp;</p><p>Having started in late February, it has been consistently hectic, and after waiting for the land (silt on a bed of clay which is about 2.5 feet down) to drain we have eventually been able to prepare the land for planting. We have raised much of the plants in modules in the tunnel, and expect a very busy time of further bed preparation and planting over the next couple of weeks.&nbsp;</p><p>Anyway, I hope everybody is enjoying the spring in the air (noticed the first bluebells last week).</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Ashley and Kate</p><p>Trill Farm Garden</p>

Nir Halfon
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How do I upload a picture to the forum?

<p>Hello,</p><p>Thanks for the fantastic forum. Only recently, began to explore it!</p><p>How do I upload an image to a discussion?</p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Nir</p>

Nir Halfon
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Uploading images

<p>Thanks, it worked.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>I uploaded it to my dropbox.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Nir</p>

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