Farewell and Market Garden Sale

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Farewell and Market Garden Sale

Dear OGA people,
I am in the process of closing Red Earth Organics, based in Southwell, Notts, as I am going to move back to my home country of Germany by the end of March. I was lucky enough to secure a gardening post at the Dottenfelder Hof close to Frankfurt and hope to seriously skill up on all aspects of sustainable living with the land.
REO had been setup in 2006 by Patrick Lynn and then run by myself from 2011. There are a few bits and bobs of my infrastructure that have usefulness left to them, please do have a look if you can and want to get those, see below.
I am happy to drive for up to 2 hours and deliver if somebody were to make it worthwhile for me.
Knowing the forum, my careful formatting will probably be blown up, so do email me if you want the list in an excel sheet sent by email.
Thanks for a fantastic magazine, interesting workshops and AGMs and all the best to you all, may the weather be with us!
Philip Kadner, Red Earth Organics, [email protected], 07794 467545

250x collapsable white cardboard boxes 40x30x18cm 20p each
4x1000 Foodgrade Polybags 10x15in, EQ120 £40.00
3000 Kraftbags 8.5x8.5in £20.00

Seedtrays, 3 sizes
Natural Organic Creped Biomulch 122cmx76m Apr-15 £40.00

Sheen X500 Paraffin Flame Gun on wheels Jul-14 £70.00
Box Chiller, Uniblock Zanotti Aug-14 £500.00
Avery Scales 1791 £40.00
Coopers of Stortford Strimmer on wheels Apr-15 £50.00

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Good luck

Good luck Philip! Hopefully see you at the AGM on the 19th before you go.

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All the best Philip!

Good luck and best wishes for the move! Maybe see you in Germany! You could bring it all to the AGM at Hankham on the 19th - that's on the way to Germany! More seriously send us the list and I'll try and send it round to the membership.

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