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Just when we were all learning to love our broadforks and barrowing endless woodchip compost,howabout the return of the tractor thread!!


Our David Browns now in decade 5 ie the stage where things wear out that nobody ever made a replacement for.Our insurers might be less than impressed if (another) serious injury took place.While revamp machines done by brown overalled obsessives are tempting(and might still be best plan,easily best of older designs ie 780s+885 narrow/vineyards)what else is out there? Eg Solis Indian machines from composit global parts,cheap+seemingly durable.What else is out there? Kubotas maybe.US Tuffbilts still worth knowing about.

We all need;

creeper gears(how do people manage with 35/135s that don't go slow enough?

some grd clearance

bed widths(probably drum spacers on more compact design machines)

front loader options

front linkages(+PTO ideally)

4 wheel drive

as light as possible


Jonathan Smith
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I can't offer a huge amount of insight here, but just to say I have Kubota L4200 (bit big for tunnel work, but same principles apply) and it's a really solid machine that is eminently serviceable. 4WD, creeper gears and pretty much everything mechanical (as opposed to electronic).

I got it a couple of years ago as an upgrade from a 1981 David Brown an am very pleased with it!

Good luck,


Jason Horner
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Hi Adam I have aKubota 2330 HST bought new in 2005 and am very happy with it. I bought it because it is reasonably light 750kg and I use it with grass tyres for rotovating, rotoary harrow, mowing deck and probably most importantly with a transport box for wood manure compost etc. It has a split roll bar so will go in my bigger tunnels, 24ft wide. The grass tryes mean it can be used to cut lawns and will do most stuff except plough and travel muddy ground in winter neither of which I use it for. This model is too small for a front loader I think Johnathans would probably take one. I service it once a year and thats about it. Its overkill for the amount of ground I have but saves me a lot of time and energy....and is easier on the back than a wheelbarrow!


Jonathan Smith
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Yes Jason is right an L4200 will take a loader; I think the next model down the L3600 will too (the frame and cab of both is a similar size, just different engines I think).

Many people seem to comment that the Kubotas are becoming the new equivalent of old Masseys and Fergies, in the sense that they're solid, built to last, well engineered and everything is mechanical - and therefore servicable.

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