Biodegradable food grade bags

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Wendy Seel
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Biodegradable food grade bags

Can anyone help me sourcefood-grade biodegradable bags suitable for salads and other leaves?  I can find compost bags, poo bags and mulches, but not sensible sized food grade bags for our packhouse, or even crate liners  I can hardly bear to look at the plastic bags that we use all the time for leaves, but I have not been able to find an alternative.  All suggestions very welcome.

Jonathan Smith
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Past experience

Hi Wendy,

It's a very interesting question. The Soil Association shop used to stock some very ethical compostable corn starch bags, small enough for salads, etc. I thought they'd be ethically great, and they were, but frankly not much use - for two reasons.

Firstly, they were opaque, so you couldn't really see waht was inside. But secondly, and most importantly, they were sort of permeable so that any salad would wilt quite quickly inside! For that reason I didn't buy any more.

However I'd be very interested in anyone's experiences in good options, as I too hate using conventional plastic...the only plus side is simply does a good job.



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