Water storage/irrigation

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Water storage/irrigation

Hi all,

a timely one in this heat: I'm looking for some water storage & pump cos the pressure I get from the mains is often really bad, as water is used elsewhere around the farm & farm shop etc - so I was thinking of filling a tank with mains with some kind of stopcock to keep it topped up, then a pump to create the pressure I need. Any thought? Do I need special potable storage, rather than just tanks like this?

And also thoughts re pump, how to fit & where to source?



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IBCs are one of the cheapest forms of water storage available. Just check (a) that it's not had any nasty stuff in before, (b) that it comes properly cleaned, and (c) that the plastic is UV stable - most are, but a few aren't, and they'll just degrade in sunlight.

The next step up would be the black 1500 litre ex-orange juice concentrate tanks. They're really good quality and good capacity.

Up from there, and when the £/m3 gets cheaper, is the steel section/rubber liner tanks, such as these. I've moved on to this type, and they're good.

Irrigation water doesn't have to be potable.

I'm no expert on pumps (tend to rely on gravity - good if you have it!), but many of these websites (including one above) do pumps as well as tanks and will give you advice. LBS are very helpful on technical stuff too. I'm sure there's a wealth of knowledge amonst our glasshouse growers too!

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Hi Kate,I only have

Hi Kate,I only have experience of off grid irrigation but if you are on mains, could you  install a booster pump so that you don't need to go to the expense of water storage tanks, If you pump into a tank you need 10m of head to gain 1 bar of pressure, So you would be loosing lots of pressure by doing this. On our primary water storage tank we have a pump with a pressure sensor and a float switch to stop the pump running dry, which makes sense on 1 large tank but wouldn't be economical on lots off small tanks. We do use t tape drip line connected to IBC tanks raised only just of the ground  for some of our irrigation and it works really well.

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