Open pollinated tomato vars

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Open pollinated tomato vars

Peak tomato season seems like a good time to ask: what are your favourite non-F1 tomato varieties (especially beefsteaks)? Quadro has always performed well for us, especially late in the season, and matina is good for extremely early cropping, but otherwise we have found it hard to find OP vars that successfully make the crossover from home-gardening curio to holding their own in a commercial setting... many thanks

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Tomato variety

For what it's worth for past 2 years we have fairly successful tomato crop outside in our walled garden..Its Martina.
The bush variety we tried just went rampant and it proved difficult to control but hat loads of tasty small tomatoes probably down to us not getting support in place .Also seems to suffer less blight attack than others we have tried .Doing well this year to enjoy mick

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