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Wholesale Seeds

Hi Everyone,

We started a small market garden this year on the Isle of Arran and are looking towards expanding quite a bit next season.  I just wanted to ask who you all use for seed purchases as I think I know most of the usual providers but now we are scaling up to more of a wholesale type purchase just wanted to see if I've missed any particular companies.

Thank very much for your answers in advance.

Just found this forum what an amazing wealth of info!



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Tamar Organics is very good

Tamar Organics is very good and has a broad range- all organically certified. But, really it can depend on what you want ? If you want Salanova type lettuces then you need to go to 'Justseed.com' for their Rijk Zwaan seed range - with prior approval id certified.


Phelim Knifton
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Seed companies

These are most of who I was using:

As Stephen says Tamar Organics - http://tamarorganicspro.co.uk/ (Organic, very wide selection - Aubergine Black Pearl, carrot Miami, both hybrids but well worth it in my opinion)

Justseeds - https://justseed.com/ (Mixed, some top quality Rijk Zwaan seeds but they're not cheap, the Salanova lettuce types were brilliant for mixed salad although you'll want to trial loads to get the most suitable in taste & growing for your site)

The seed cooperative - http://www.sh-organic-seeds.co.uk/ (Organic, loads of open pollinated varieties)

Bingenheimer Saatgut - https://www.bingenheimersaatgut.de/index.php (Organic, Tamar carries a lot of their range but there's some good stuff they don't, now translated into english)

Moles Seeds - https://www.wholesale.molesseeds.co.uk/ (Mainly non, but they carry a good selection of crops to fill in the gaps which aren't supplied organicially)

Tozer Seeds - https://www.tozerseeds.com/home, now carried by Kings seeds - http://www.kingsseedsdirect.com/vegetable-seeds/c1 (Mainly non but some great varieties, I'm loving the new releases in kales)

CN seeds - http://www.cnseeds.co.uk/ (Mainly non, some very useful varieties, my favourite Pak Choi WPAK 1164, looks like they've replaced it with 1175, plus some great Gourmet Genetics varieities)

Rijk Zwaan - https://www.rijkzwaan.co.uk/ (Mixed, but you'll need to be ordering big, great source of information about their varieties, a lot sold by Just seeds as Stephen mentioned.

Elsoms - https://www.elsoms.com/ (Mixed, suppliers of Bejo, again big minimum orders 1000 for organic brassicas, 50000 for carrots, a lot available through Tamar)

Enza Zaden - http://www.enzazaden.co.uk/ (Tamar carry a lot of Enza's varieties, good source of information)

Bobby Seeds - http://www.bobby-seeds.com/index.php (Mainly non, some amazing squash varieties)


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Seed Co-op

The Seed Co-op works closely with Bingenheimer Saatgut and carries a lot of their seed - though trying to replicate their model and increase the UK offering. We work with growers, as members, and are working to improve the quality and quantity of UK grown organic and biodynamic seed

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