"Mini pop" sweetcorn

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"Mini pop" sweetcorn

Does anyne grow this "mini pop sweetcorn" for stir-fry-friendly mini sweetcorn? I've seen it in Moles catalogue: https://www.wholesale.molesseeds.co.uk/sweetcorn-f1-minipop-vsw090/

It's an F1 and only available as non-organic so derrogation needed.

I'm tempted to give it a try as a mid summer tunnel "filler" - try and fill that awkward 2-month gap between hungry gap crops and autumn-planted crops - though it is marketed for outdoor growing.

My biggest reservations are that we aren't actually in need of much more variety to put in the share (we're a CSA) from Aug - Oct when it is cropping, but the picking time is probably fairly high - i suspect our members would be just as happy with a traditional cob for a fraction of the labour. Probably hard to get them at just the right size too.  If it looks like it does in the pic i can imagine it might sell well on a market stall though.

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I grew this a few times.  It

I grew this a few times.  It's great but you need to keep an eye on the cobs, before you know it they're full sized and tough, plus you only get a handful of baby corn per plant and ideally they need dehusking before sale.

The times I have grown sweetcorn in tunnels they have suffered badly from spider mite, having a knock on effect on the following crop, but that could be us, I grew loads of things the spider mite loved.

The plants outgrew our supersweet varieties so may be too tall for tunnel work, but as they don't need pollination it wouldn't matter if you take the tops out.  They may be worth a try if you can be brutal if they're not quick enough and pull them out for your autumn crop, or shred them for organic matter.

If you've enough work it may be better just to leave the tunnel fallow or chuck down a quick green manure if you're able to turn it in easily rather than exert energy you don't have.

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