6'/180cm/tall growing sugar snap pea seed availability

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alex armstrong
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6'/180cm/tall growing sugar snap pea seed availability

Anyone know where I can source sugar snap pea seed tall variety, even non organic.? Only need 1kg. Moles only seem to do purple variety or else there is just mangetout type ...On that note...Have people found they still get good yields off mangetout?


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DT Brown and Wallis Seeds

DT Brown and Wallis Seeds both sell the original Sugar Snap, but they're the only ones i've found, both non-organic. We used to get it from Tuckers but they're not trading any more it seems.

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Seed Co-op

The Seed Co-op listed the pea sugar snap as an amateur variety seven years ago. We had it on and off in our catalogue due to stock available. We are planning to grow more this year at Gosberton.

Also the new variety 29 is a tall sugar pea with edible pod. So if all goes well we will have both available next year. 

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