Organic industry co-operation drives penetration and market growth

In September last year, the OTB aligned retailers and industry brand owners with our industry and EU-funded Organic. Feed Your Happy campaign to drive sales and awareness of organic during the Soil Association’s Organic September.

As part of this, a multi-disciplined team devised a coordinated plan to align the Organic. Feed Your Happy campaign with the Sainsbury’s Dairy Category to encourage low engaged customers to increase the number of categories they shopped in. The summary of i-2-c’s report makes persuasive reading.

Category strengths grow total organic sales
The biggest insight from our work with Sainsbury's is that you can drive broader engagement with organic by stimulating key categories. This lifts not just that category, but the entire category for organic. We know that the few weeks of activity in the dairy aisle, drove an additional 78,000 organic customers to try organic in a NEW category. Even more exciting was that while the activity drove uplift in dairy, the uplift in organic was across other categories. A 4% uplift in spend across the entire organic category was driven by new and existing customers, which was sustained beyond the life of the campaign. 

The message is that promoting organic benefits everyone in the sector. Evidence and hard data combine to confirm that we can all benefit from supporting activity that promotes Brand Organic.

The need to succeed
For the UK organic sector to build on current success and enjoy the ever accelerating growth of our European cousins and the wider global surge in organic, it is clear that a coordinated approach in promoting organic is key. Join us on Wednesday 7 March in Westminster Church Conference centre as we unveil the next chapter.