Emergency authorisation granted for copper for blight control

The AHDB published their Emergency Authorisation for the use of the copper oxychloride product Cuprokylt on 1 June. This allowed Organic Control Bodies to issue derogations to use this, and only this, copper product.

The full text is shown below and should be read in great detail to ensure exact compliance with the conditions.




Product name: Cuprokylt
Active ingredient:a wettable powder formulation containing 87.8 % w/w copper oxychloride
MAPP number:17079
Product authorisation holder: Industrias Quimicas Del Valles, S.A., Av Rafael
Casanova 81, 08100 Mollet del Valles, Barcelona, Spain.
(Registered Company no. 30226)
Marketing company:Certis Europe BV
This Emergency authorisation ends:28 September 2018
If the authorisation of the above product is withdrawn or amended before the end date above, this Emergency Authorisation will end on the same date as the authorisation for the product.
This Emergency Authorisation will be withdrawn or amended before its end date if a decision is taken to withdraw or amend this Emergency Authorisation under Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 on any other grounds
Extent of Emergency Authorisation: United Kingdom
HSE Digital Signature
This and the attached Appendices 1 and 2 are signed by the Health and Safety Executive (“HSE”) for and on behalf of the Secretary of State, the Welsh Ministers, the Scottish Ministers and the Department of Agriculture, and Rural Development in Northern Ireland.
Date of issue: 01 June 2018
1.  This is Emergency Authorisation number 1239 of 2018.
2.  This Emergency Authorisation will be published on the website of theChemicals Regulation Division of the HSE.
3.  Application reference number: COP 2018/00144
4.  Persons using the product to which this Emergency Authorisation applies should acquaint themselves with and observe all requirements contained in the Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009, including the duty on the holder of any Extension of authorisation to notify information on potentially dangerous effects, a contravention of which is a criminal offence under those Regulations.
5.  Neither the effectiveness nor the phytotoxicity of the product for which this Emergency Authorisation has been granted has been assessed and, as such, the user bears the risk in respect of failures concerning its effectiveness and phytotoxicity
IMPORTANT: When applying this product under the terms of this Emergency Authorisation, comply with any resistance guidance or restrictions stated on the product label. Total reliance on one pesticide will hasten the development of resistance. Pesticides of different chemical types or alternative control measures should be included in the planned programme. Alternating with different modes of action is a recognised anti-resistance strategy.
This 120 day Emergency Authorisation relates to the use of ‘Cuprokylt’ (MAPP17079) as a fungicide for use on potato to control late blight (Phytophthora infestans).
Application is to be made by boom sprayer fitted with three star drift reduction technology in a water volume of 1100 to 1300 litres of water.Apply every 10-14 days
Growers are reminded of their obligation to report any suspected wildlife incidents arising from pesticidal use to the relevant authorisation holder and the Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme (0800 321600 (calls are free)).
The 120 day Emergency Authorisation will expire on 28 September 2018 and will not be renewed.
2018_00144 POTATO 3

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