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Hi Folks, yes we have been struggling with the site but after working flat out the last few weeks are looking to have all this back on track by 15th Feb. Most areas of the site were badly affected by the hack in November and although little actual information was lost, the way in which it was organised has been disrupted and is taking a lot of work to get back to normal. We are just thrashing out a deal to speed this up and hope to have the forum, magazines and technical articles in a happy place soon.
Apologies to all for the seriously slow progress on this but it has been taking up most of Adam and I’s spare time which is all we have to give to it.

Thanks for the responses to the tunnels article, unfortunately our SE UK summers are too much for rocket and coriander in the glasshouse, we barely get one cut before they bolt. I was not planning on leaving tunnels up through Autumn and Winter to weather gales and snow, they would be used late Spring to Summer for protection from rain and excess sun to foster a high quality and reliable crop outside of our glasshouse leaves season (Sept – Apr). Flimsier the better I reckon as we would be moving them around quite a bit!

Updates on the website to follow! Please check the front page which i will be updating soon.