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Amazon Create Space – https://www.createspace.com/Author.jsp do a self published, print on demand service; a reader buys the copy on Amazon, it’s printed and sent out. To get distribution into the UK Amazon.co.uk (and other Amazon marketplaces), there’s a Pro Plan ($39 for the first year, $5 after that) distribution is extended (the service is initially US based).

You have to supply the cover & a print ready PDF (embedded fonts, layout, different inside and outside margins for odd / even pages) and a printed proof is around $14.

For a bulk order of UK books; it’s supposed to be cheaper to avoid US shipping costs and do a separate deal with people like: http://www.lightningsource.com/  as well as an Amazon Create space above. Officially you’re supposed to be a publisher, but there seems to be flexibility in this. I think it’s a £50 set up fee 

Smash words do straight eBooks (http://www.smashwords.co.uk/) and it’s all free.

I can’t pretend to be an expert, but am going through the process above with my better half currently (a non-gardening related book; crime fiction – stay posted! :)   So far the proofs are back from both Lightening Source and Create space and they look excellent – a few more tweaks and another round of proof reading to go. Layout a little trickier; in Word initially and then involved roping in a friend who had Adobe Distiller to create the PDF. We hired a designer friend to draw an illustration for the cover and provide a publishers logo (£300)

Blog experiences of others way also prove useful if you go down this route: http://catherineryanhoward.com/selfprinting/timeline/