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    Does anyone have experience using 1.3mm and 0.8mm and able to compare them regarding longevity, improved protection for brassicas and carrots and air flow and foliar diseases please?

    There is not a significant price difference so longevity is the key issue.



    I have got 1.3mm mesh that has lasted for nearly 20 years and aside from puncture holes from ground spikes (I later discovered UV treated sand bags are more effective and don’t cause this damage but are harder to move around) and some rodent damage they’re in very good condition.  I’ve also used 0.8mm and one roll of even smaller mesh size suitable for keeping out aphids and flea beetle.

    None have deteriated much, the most significant difference for me was the weight, when you’ve got 13 m x 50 m sections the additional weight really adds up, especially when wet – the smaller mesh sizes retain more moisture and so become even heavier.  It’s not that hard on the crops as it’s spread out over the whole area, but very noticeable when moving the mesh around the farm, or pulling it back to harvest.

    The smaller mesh was more suitable for protecting against a greater number of pest species though.



    Thanks Phelim that’s very useful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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