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    Hi all,


    We hope you can come and talk about traineeships with other host growers and trainee’s in the South West. Please RSVP to [email protected]
    Sunday 25th March, 10 am – 1 pm
    Trill Farm,
    Pudleylake Road,
    EX13 8TU

    Please bring a packed lunch.
    We will do a walk round the garden afterwards for anyone who can stick around.

    Structure for the meeting:
    This is based on the discussion we had when a few of us met at ORFC this January. We are open to any suggestions.
    – Go round the group for everyone to share how they structure their traineeship. Think of things that work well, and a few things you might want to improve on.
    If you have a syllabus or something similar please bring it along. What does it include, does it get covered, how does it get covered?
    – We will hear from some past trainee’s who are now growing, about their traineeship in retrospect.
    – Split into two groups separating host growers and trainee’s to give people space to talk and exchange ideas. Feed back anything people would like to. 
    – If there is the desire to we can set some dates in the diary for meeting again this year: dates for growers to teach the group of trainee’s together on a topic, dates for trainee’s to get together.
    There are some longer term themes for discussion for those that are interested. This will depend on who is able to come.
    – What would it mean to formalise traineeship? Government apprenticeship scheme’s? Or find funding to support an informal network like this one? 
    Ashley Wheeler has looked into running government apprenticeships, and Ed Hamer is in the process of corresponding with Bicton College on how to integrate several SW horticulture apprenticeships with their NVQ programme, and will hopefully be able to feed back to us on the 25th.

    Please email if you have any questions or suggestions.
    Kind regards,

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