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    We are looking to buy two wheel tractor and implements.

    It would be useful to get any recommendations on models and implements been to see Joker.
    I have seen recommended BCS track master

    We already have fergie with plough and spring tine and disc harrows

    Or can you refer to any reference material



    Hi Mick,

    This guide has just come out -we’ll be reviewing it for the next OG

    Farming with Walk-behind Tractors: Kerr Center Report

    A new report from retired Horticulture Manager George Kuepper covers his and the Kerr Center’s decade of experience using walk-behind tractors. The report serves as a resource for people trying to decide whether two-wheel tractors are a fit for their own operations. It also works as a basic how-to manual, offering tips on the use of several implements: rototillers, crimper/rollers, hay rakes, and three types each of plows and mowers. The report is extensively illustrated, with diagrams showing plowing patterns and suggested approaches to hitching and unhitching different implements. The report is available as a downloadable PDF for $5.00. More details and information are available at http://kerrcenter.com/ publication/farming-walk- behind-tractors/



    Have youlooked on youtube ? Curtis Stone ‘the urban farmer’ has recently done a short series on BCS attachements. He has also been assisting BCS USA to develope a cross between a power harrow and standard tiller attachemnt – that video was last week. Several other farmers talk about their tools – Jean-Martin Fortier and also Neversink Farm.

    I have a small (18″) BCS – agreat start but most attatments need the bigger (30″ ?) model which I now have. The bigger ones are heavier to move in tunnels but they are farm more stable on rough/lumpy ground- ie not kicking up and running forward !! 



    I had the same dilemma earlier this year, and went with a BCS 740 from Tracmaster – they sometimes do ex-demo models so you can get a bit off the RRP price… so far just have the rotovator, but am also interested in getting the flail mower too – I think the 740 is the min power for that





    The flial mower is excellent !! Turns any old crop to very fine shreddings that can get rotovated straight in ! and its really good for keeping grass / weeds ‘tidy’ around tunnels. BUT it is VERY heavy to manouver, and long so I usually end uo going over beds in the tunnels or when turning and accept odd bits of damage. I think I saw on a US youtube video that one of their suppliers sold a central dolly wheel to make it more manouverable.


    Really helpful as always.I have purchased report..old school.

    Will keep you posted. I did get information about spadder attachment which I’m looking into. Anyone any experience?

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